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Alumnae Association

Alumnae Council
The purpose of the Rosary's Alumnae Council is to provide leadership and direction for the alumnae association while advancing the mission of the school by:
  • Serving as ambassadors in reaching out to the alumnae community
  • Providing services and programs for the enrichment of alumnae
  • Enlisting alumnae support in school and alumnae events and fund raising efforts
  • To broaden and expand the number of alumnae participation in the advancement of the school.
  • To create informed and interested alumnae in the happenings of the school
  • To enlist the services of the alumnae in school programs and projects.
  • To encourage support for the school’s Royal Roots Annual Appeal fund raising effort.

The Alumnae Council meets four times a year in order to create, plan, and execute alumnae activities for the students of Rosary and their alumnae sisters.