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Social Studies

The Social Studies curriculum is designed to give students a critical perspective of history, politics and government.  In addition, the courses are intended to acquaint the students with the reality of the world in which they live.  Students must appreciate current events and ideas occurring throughout the world, as well as within their own country and locality, and understand that these events and ideas have a direct effect upon their lives.  They must also recognize that the events, concepts and ideas of the past in both their own culture and the cultures of the world, have shaped society as it is today on both a national and global level.  As she becomes aware of the multicultural dimensions of her society, the student develops an awareness of the diversity and universality of the human person and then learns to celebrate that diversity.  Finally, lessons taught in all courses promote Catholic social teaching and reflect a just structure of sharing in the world community.  The goals of the department encourage all students to develop the following cognitive skills:

  • Analyze and appreciate the human struggle involved in the creation of the great documents of history
  • Understand and respect religious, ethnic & cultural diversity
  • Develop an awareness of the need to protect human rights
  • Perceive the progress of society as involving struggles, including wars, natural disasters, epidemic plagues, economic crisis & ethnic strife
  • Identify, evaluate, and appreciate the unique values which underlie the culture of the United States

Courses Offered