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Educational Technology

Technology and Today’s Rosary Academy Student

Technology is an integral part of the world today. Colleges and universities are moving toward total access of technology, and computers are becoming standard equipment in successful businesses. Therefore, for students to succeed in college or in the marketplace, technology must be their tool of choice.

Rosary Academy believes that it is imperative for our students to know how to access and analyze information. While technology immersion is a “cutting edge” move at the secondary level, our thorough research and extensive experience have convinced us of its value to our young women. Lessons have been redesigned so that the tablet computer is an essential tool in the work we do here, just as it is in life beyond Rosary.

Rosary’s technology program helps prepare our students for the future. Meeting the needs and challenges of 21st century young women is a primary goal of the Academy and our technology program. All students must abide by the Rosary Acceptable Use Policy, which is updated each year.  Teachers and students at Rosary Academy use technology as an innovative tool to inspire and build 21st century skills. As a result, the Rosary community embraces the integration of technology into the curriculum as a fundamental strategy for effectively preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of their unique generation.

The Technology Support Department will be open during school hours.

7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Students will be able to stop by the center during breaks and lunch to ask question or request special assistance.