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Law Pathway

Religion I Religion II Religion III Comparative/Peace & Justice
Honors English I Honors English II Honors or AP English III Honors or AP English IV
Algebra I or II Algebra I or II OR Geometry OR Pre-Calculus Geometry OR Pre-Calculus OR AP Calculus Pre-Calculus OR Calculus
Biology Chemistry Physics Elective
World Language I World Language II World Language III Elective
Health and Wellness Honors World History Honors or AP US History AP or American Government/Economics
Speech and Debate & Mock Trial Mock Trial Introduction to Law &/OR Mock Trial  Mock Trial


2 additional online courses from Catholic Virtual or similar program are required over your 4 years.


  • Introduction to Law
  • Business Law
  • Constitutional Law

* Please note there are additional fee's for online courses.

Students must participate in
an approved internship
Junior and Senior year

Requirements to complete program: Maintain a 3.8 GPA, attend Speak to Inspire relevant to field, participate in an internship or shadowing experience, submit and present final portfolio.