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Leadership Pathway

Rosary Academy's Leadership Pathway supports Rosary students in gaining practical experience in critical areas of leadership. Students will gain leadership experience and education that will in turn support the development of their authentic voices and leadership styles. 

The leadership pathway will equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary to navigate external barriers and to attain leadership roles. Students will reflect on their personal leadership styles as they gain confidence and self-esteem. The program will offer our young women a solid framework of theoretical knowledge in the principles of leadership and practical skills that will amplify their leadership potential. In addition, students will be able to gain insight into their core values and leadership potentials while advancing their personal and professional development. 

Sample Schedule

Religion I Religion II Religion III Comparative/Peace & Justice
English I English II  English III  English IV
Algebra I OR II  Algebra II OR Geometry OR Pre-Calculus Geometry OR Pre-Calculus OR Calculus Math Elective
Lab Science  Lab Science Science Elective  Art Elective
World Language I World Language II World Language III Art Elective 
Health and Wellness World History                                                            US History American Government/Economics              
Elective Elective Speech & Debate

Women's History/ Women's Literature

ASB AND/OR PAL AND/OR Campus Ministry ASB AND/OR PAL AND/OR Campus Ministry ASB AND/OR PAL AND/OR Campus Ministry ASB AND/OR PAL AND/OR Campus Ministry

Overview of Program Requirements

  • Completion of leadership development and involvement
    • Leadership Development Training/Modules
    • Organizational/Group Leadership
    • Program meetings and Culmination
  • Program participants are required to practice action-oriented leadership within an organization, club, team, or faith-based group as part of the leadership Pathway (Campus Ministry, PAL, Red & Gold Captain, ASB/Class Office)
  • Attendance at Speak to Inspire Speaker Series
  • Participate in planning and working Girls Lead Summer Programs
  • Attend TACSC training for high school students
  • Participate in TACSC trainings for elementary school students
  • Maintain a meaningful relationship with mentor
  • Completion of Capstone Culmination Project

Requirements to complete program: Maintain a weighted academic GPA of 3.8 or higher (maintained through enrollment). Maintain strong attendance/disciplinary record and attend Speak to Inspire relevant to field, participate in an internship or shadowing experience, submit and present final portfolio. Failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in a probation period followed by dismissal in the academic pathways program.


Acceptance into the Academic Pathways Program is dependent upon your enrollment at Rosary Academy.