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Sports Medicine Pathway


Religion I  Religion II Religion III Comparative/Peace & Justice
English OR Honors English I English OR Honor English II English OR Honors OR AP English Language English OR Honors OR AP English Literature
Honors Algebra I OR II Honors Algebra I or II OR Honors Geometry OR Honors Pre-Calculus Honors Geometry OR Honors Pre-Calculus OR Honors Calculus OR AP Calculus Honors Pre-Calculus OR Honors Calculus OR AP Calculus
Honors Biology Honors Chemistry and/OR AP Biology Honors Physics and/OR AP Science Honors OR AP Science
World Language I World Language II World Language III Elective
Health and Wellness World History  US History American Government/Economics
 Fine Arts Elective Sports Medicine OR Fine Arts Elective Honors Anatomy and Physiology OR Sports Medicine OR Fine Arts Elective OR Kinesiology: Anatomy in Motion Honors Anatomy and Physiology OR Sports Medicine OR Fine Arts Elective OR Kinesiology: Anatomy in Motion

Minimum 2 Years Required Electives: Introduction to Sports Medicine, Kinesiology: Anatomy in Motion, Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Must include 6 hands on events (each year, 11th and 12th) with Rosary’s Athletic Trainer.

Students are required to complete classes in the Fine Arts. It is recommended that students take Ceramics, Fundamentals of Art, Drawing and Painting, Choir, Musical Theatre, Chamber Orchestra, or Guitar/Piano Songwriting.


Priority Application Deadline: March 1, 2024

Decision Date: May 1, 2024

Contract Return Deadline: March 7, 2024

2 additional online courses from Catholic Virtual or similar program are required over your 4 years.


  • Health and Wellness
  • Introduction to Sports Medicine (3 hands-on events with Rosary’s athletic trainer)
  • Medicine or Kinesiology: Anatomy In Motion
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Health Careers or Career Exploration in Healthcare
  • Health Science Concepts
  • Medicine
  • Biomedical Simulation

* Please note there are additional fees for online courses.

Students must participate in
an approved internship
Junior and Senior year

Requirements to complete program: Maintain a weighted academic GPA of 3.8 or higher (maintained through enrollment). Maintain strong attendance/disciplinary record and attend Speak to Inspire relevant to field, participate in an internship or shadowing experience, submit and present final portfolio. Failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in a probation period followed by dismissal in the academic pathways program.


Acceptance into the Academic Pathways Program is dependent upon your enrollment at Rosary Academy. Students accepted but not enrolled in Rosary Academy by March 7, 2024 will be deferred for students who are enrolled and accepted into the program