Advanced Photo Students Create Portraits for Disadvantaged Families

This past Saturday, eight members of Mr. Reinbold’s Advanced Photographic Arts class had the opportunity to spend the day with six families of need from the Anaheim Interfaith Shelter’s (AIS) Halcyon House. AIS helps families in need by providing temporary rent free housing and food at an apartment complex called Halcyon House; thereby allowing those families to work toward building their savings for a down payment and eventual move into their own home.    

Mr. Reinbold thought it would be a great fit if his students could give back to the community by creating complimentary portraits for these families. They would then also gain some valuable portrait photography experience at the same time. The girls worked in teams posing and photographing the families using equipment borrowed from Reinbold Gallery while Mr. Reinbold gave a few pointers from the back. Each family will be presented with an 8x10 print of their best family shot as well as a CD of all the photos taken of their family that day all in time for Easter!

“I love win-win situations” says Mr. Reinbold. “The families were able to get very nice - and complimentary - portraits, while my girls learned valuable lessons in communication, patience, (one of the children has severe ADHD) and photography. This is our second annual visit! Next year, we’ll have some photos to compliment this story update!”

“I am very proud of my girls for giving up a big chunk of their Saturday to do something for others as this was a totally volunteer effort! Events such as these truly represent what the holistic women of Rosary High School are all about!”