Festival of the Arts Award Winners

Congratulations to this year's winners Festival of the Arts winners from the Visual Arts department.

Ceramics I:

1st Place: Natalie Tincopa       

2nd Place: Emilia Ramirez

3rd Place: Isabella Bianchini


Ceramics II:

1st Place: Olivia Olona

2nd Place: Natalie Tincopa

3rd Place: Dominique Adams


Ceramics Studio:

1st Place: Phoebe Dergazarian

2nd Place: Sofia Ripper

3rd Place: Claudia Shadburn


Introduction to Photography:

1st Place: Belen Pinado

2nd Place: Megan Woelem

3rd Place: McKayla Kay          


Digital Darkroom:

1st Place: Mary Curran

2nd Place: Julianne Vu

3rd Place: Melyssa Svorinich


Advanced Photographic Art:

1st Place: Leanna Kato

2nd Place: Laura Hamann

3rd Place: Leanna Kato



1st Place: Chloe Fiorentino

2nd Place: Claire Makhlouf      

3rd Place: Jocelyn Ramos       



1st Place: Brooke Foy 

2nd Place: Erin Bracken

3rd Place: Brooke Foy


Fundamentals of Drawing:

1st Place: Jordyn Miller

2nd Place: Christina Abarca

3rd Place: Katherine Grijalba


Fundamentals of Painting:

1st Place: Zina Kim      

2nd Place: Julia Mastrobuono

3rd Place: Analissa Borbon


Computer Graphics 1:

1st Place: Ronni Hayden

2nd Place: Monique Cendejas

3rd Place: Carolyn Mojica


Computer Graphics 2:

1st Place: Sophia Lara

2nd Place: Madalyn Christensen         

3rd Place: Sophia Gomez


Computer Graphics 3:

1st Place: Julianne Vu 

2nd Place: Amanda Montes

3rd Place: Jacqueline Moore



1st Place: Hunter Martelli

2nd Place: Alyssa Grimaldo

3rd Place: Ryley Walsh