Rising seniors attend prestigious summer programs

Each year, the Counseling Department works to compile a complete listing of summer programs for our students to attend. These programs offer our students a unique learning experience at the nation's top institutions.

Notre Dame Pre-College Programs
The academic profile of accepted students to the Notre Dame Pre-College Program is extremely powerful. The University is looking for rigorous academics, top test scores, and leadership experience. 

Junior Katherine Loftus '15 applied for the “Leadership Seminars” Program (formerly Global Issues Seminar) that is an all-expense paid, eleven day opportunity to study, live, and learn while getting to know the Notre Dame campus. Approximately 100 students are admitted to Leadership Seminars each year and are eligible to receive one college credit upon completion of the program. Katie will be a part of the class that will be focusing on Science, Ethics, and Responsibility.  Katie is interested in medicine and this should give her a hearty introduction to some of the pertinent issues facing medical personnel today.

Jessica Olson '15 will be attending Notre Dame's Summer Scholars Program will be taking part in Theology, the Church’s Evolving Mission. This is a two week programs of rigorous and rewarding work. Classes are limited to twenty students. She will study from Notre Dame Theology professors and reflect on what will happen, and what should happen, to the Church in the future.  Students completing this program will receive one college credit.  Jessica applied for this program and was selected based on her academic strength and leadership experience.



United State Naval Academy Summer Program

Dominique Adams and Bernadette Binning, both members of the Class of 2015, will attend the United State Naval Academy Summer Seminar– a fast-paced, six-day experience for high achievers who have completed their junior year in high school. Summer Seminar teaches you about life at the Naval Academy, where academics, athletics, and professional training play equally important roles in developing our nation's leaders. Students will experience all aspects of the Naval Academy including the academic program and midshipman life. Furthermore, students will receive an overview of Navy and Marine Corps service options.


United States Military Academy Student Leader Experience

Bernadette will also attend the United States Military Academy Student Leader Experience at West Point. This is a week-long immersion in academic, military and social life for those considering the United States Military Academy. You will explore the United States Military Academy from all angles, including some intense military training and athletic activities. This action packed week is the best way for prospect students to gauge the challenges you would encounter and overcome as a United States Military Academy cadet.