Tri-School Theatre MACY Award Winners

The MACY Awards, founded in 1969, is dedicated to encouraging, recognizing, and rewarding achievement and excellence in high school music theatre. These Tri-School Theatre students were honored for their work in this year's Tri-School productions:

Bright Spot Award
Haley Coad '16 (Secretary in How to Succeed)
Caitlin Crawley '16 (Miss Krumholtz in How to Succeed)

Achievement Award
Gianna Gazich '16 (Lili in Encore)
Kira Del Toro Rubeshaw '15 (Matchmaker in Encore)
Kira Del Toro Rubeshaw '15 (Miss Jones in How to Succeed)
Mackie Swoger '14 (Elegance in Encore)
Alexandra Worden '16 (Babe in Encore)
Alexandra Worden '16 (Hedy La Rue in How to Succeed)
Outstanding Achievement
Vitoria Villalobos '16 (Rosemary in How to Succeed)

Over 100 MACY alumni have continued in professional theater and all say that High School Theater was extremely important in shaping their careers. The encouragement and recognition provided by the MACY Awards helped gifted students become successful professionals.