Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Binning

Mary Binning has been volunteering at Rosary since her daughter Bernadette, Class of 2015, was a freshman. She also has a son, Bill, who is now a senior at Servite.  She is an attorney who does contract legal work part-time.  She offers her thoughts on volunteering at Rosary:

"My mother was my role model for volunteering. She was a room mom, den mom, field trip chaperone, and volunteered for everything else when I was in school.  Later, she volunteered for Red Cross, soup kitchens, the hospital, church, the city, etc. She just died this year at 92 and up until the end, she was volunteering, believe it or not! 

The wonderful things in life do not occur because someone is paid to do them. They occur because people give something that everyone has, regardless of income – their love and their time. Sometimes we receive the benefit of the volunteer efforts of others. Sometimes we give it. But the best feeling is giving.

In two years, there will be no more opportunities for me to volunteer at my daughter's school and make these kinds of memories together. When my daughter remembers her years at Rosary, I want to be in those memories. And when I remember Rosary, I want to remember the many, many, other moms and dads I had the privilege of spending time with volunteering ... at track meets, Open House sign-in tables, magazine drives, Golf Tournaments, Red & Gold sales tables, Red Wine & Gold decorations, sports team helper, and all those activities that lie ahead. I'm only halfway there, and looking forward to the next two years."

Thank you Mary, for all you do for Rosary!
If you would like to get involved please contact Mike & Maryanne Martinez, our Parent Council Volunteer Coordinators, to make sure you hear about all of the opportunities to help: mmartusc@gmail.com.