ASL Club participates in Silent Weekend retreat

This weekend Rosary's ASL club participated in the Silent Weekend retreat in Big Bear. Partnering with Burbank High School and West Ranch High School, our students put their visual language skills to the test during this "voices off" retreat, while getting to know other ASL students.

"This trip is designed to expose ASL students to Deaf culture, and to use ASL skills in the community," says Jen Wilson, Rosary's ASL teacher. "All students, teachers, and chaperones used American Sign Language throughout the weekend. This is a great chance to meet other ASL students, Deaf adults, and Deaf community allies!"

With 35 students and 10 adults from Burbank High School, Rosary High School, and West Ranch High School, the group spent the weekend in Big Bear where talking was banned. If a person was caught talking, they would have to pull a task out of the "punishment jar". All tasks were ASL related (make up a story, fingerspell everyone's name, etc).

"Everyone did an amazing job, especially when we went to Big Bear Village, and they had to deal with the hearing community while only signing," says Ms. Wilson. Rosary offers three levels of American Sign Language, an ASL club, and a chapter of the American Sign Language Honor Society.