Grant Awarded to Rosary Academy

Dear Royal Family,
As our community celebrates this Easter season, I am reminded of our many blessings and the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ. I remain thankful there is much to be grateful for at Rosary Academy and am eager to share an extraordinary update.
Recently Steve Ruszak, Director of Business Operations, and I were invited to share our vision for Rosary’s future with Bishop Vann and his Diocesan Finance Council. We explained some important goals and the meaningful impact they will produce for current and future Royals.
It is my privilege to announce that Rosary Academy, in partnership with the diocese, has received a grant for $240,000 to help fund two vital campus renovation projects.
  • Learning & Enrichment Center – We will repurpose our library into a modern, adaptable educational space. This will allow us to more effectively provide support services, collaborative work spaces, and an engaging place for students to learn before and after school hours.
  • Strength & Conditioning Center – The building formerly known as the locker room will be renovated to use for strength training. All equipment will be relocated from the Karcher Center, making the stage available for Mass, our performing arts department, and special events. 
Both of these projects will be completed in fall of 2016.
I am most grateful to Bishop Vann and his council for their partnership and confidence in Rosary Academy. It is an honor to serve in this ministry, and it is a thrill to secure these campus enhancements for our Royals.
On behalf of all who minister here, thank you for your ongoing prayers and support. May God continue to bless you and our wonderful school!
Yours in Christ,
Jen Almand
Head of School