Caitlin Crawley '16 named to Top 10 List in OC High School Theater

Each year, the Orange County Register's Varsity Arts compiles a "Top 10" list of OC students in the performing arts. This year, 391 high school juniors and seniors were nominated by their teachers as the top Orange County students in theater, dance, instrumental music, vocal music, visual arts and film. 

After reading application statements from the teachers and students, reviewing examples of the students’ performances and artwork, and examining the artistic résumés of the nominees, OC Varsity Arts, with the help of a panel of arts teachers, have narrowed the complete list of nominees to a Top 10 in each discipline, for a total of 60 finalists.

Over the next few weeks, the Top 10 artists in each category will be interviewed by a panel of experts in their discipline. These experts include distinguished artistic professionals and faculty members from Southern California universities as well as a few representative high school teachers. During the interviews, the students will present their art form, and afterward the panels will decide who will be named artist of the year for each discipline.

Rosary's Caitlin Crawley '16, was named in the Top 10 for Theater. In an interview published this past week, Caitlin stated "What I want for my audience members is for them to feel a connection with my character. I want them to sympathize, empathize, judge, love, hate, support, anything. I want them to feel something towards the character and forget that none of it is real. I want them to forget that I’m an actor. … Acting is just reality on display, and that is what makes it a beautiful art form. … An artist has to believe that what he/she is creating is important and that the world should see it.”

Caitlin is very active in Tri-School Theatre, and is the current president of the Tri-School Thespian Troupe #4566. She has served as a student officer for the California State Thespian Board, and has been in every Tri-School mainstage show since her freshman year. Caitlin can be seen in her last Tri-School show, The Addams Family, from April 29 - May 1. Tickets may be purchased here.