Tri-School earns most MACY wins in its history!

Tri-School Theatre enjoyed an incredible day at the Music and Arts Commendation for Youth (MACY) Awards on Sunday, June 5th- and there is much to celebrate!  

-Tri-School's production of The Addams Family was honored with the Comedia del Arte MACY Award "For a production that provides a magical evening of laughter and fun by a talented director and cast. This award recognizes the entire ensemble as comedy of the year."

-Our students performed a medley from The Addams Family on the Segerstrom stage in Costa Mesa (the largest performing arts center in Orange County). 
-The MACY Board also very kindly made a presentation honoring Hillary Pearson for 15 years of service in educational theatre.  
-Alexandra Worden ‘16 and Brandon Martinez each received a $1,000 college scholarship from the MACY Committee.  

-Individual actors and technicians received 36 honors for their work (this is a new record for number of MACY Awards for Tri-School in one year!)
Rosary winners included:

Highest Achievement- for a student whose performance is at a professional level- the highest category of award

Mattie Cross ’16 - Technical Theatre Stage Management - Addams Family
Laurel Kessler ’17 - Technical Theatre Costuming - Little Women
Christine Ma ’17 - Technical Theatre Assistant Directing - Little Women
Gianna Gazich ’16 - Alice - Addams Family
Gianna Gazich ’16 - Beth - Little Women
Vitoria Villalobos ’16 - Technical Theatre Wig and Hair Design - Addams Family
Emily Lovchik ’17 - Technical Theatre Assistant Directing - Addams Family

Outstanding Achievement- for a student whose performance is truly outstanding

Haley Fuchs ’16 - Meg - Little Women
Vitoria Villalobos ’16 - Wednesday - Addams Family
Alexandra Worden ’16 - Morticia - Addams Family
Alexandra Worden ’16 - Jo - Little Women

Achievement- for a student who achieves excellence in a production

Molly Renze ’18 - Grandma - Addams Family
Allyson San Roman ’19 - Older Amy - Little Women
Annabelle Soto ’16 - Aunt March - Little Women
Vitoria Villalobos ’16 - Marmee - Little Women

Bright Spot Award- someone who brings something outstanding to a smaller role

Caitlin Crawley ’16 - Mrs. Kirk - Little Women
Erica Hodges ’17 - Bobby Soxer Ancestor - Addams Family
Rachel Linton ’19 - Nurse Ancestor - Addams Family
Allyson San Roman ’19 - Can Can Dancer Ancestor - Addams Family

We are so very proud of our students for all of their work in both musicals this year. 
Featured photos: From Addams Family, Gianna Gazich '16 belts out a showstopping number. From Little Women, Alexandra Worden '16 and Gianna Gazich '16 share a touching moment in song.