Jazz Great performs at Rosary

Last Friday, two-time Grammy winner Poncho Sánchez and two of his band members, Francisco Torres and Giancarlo Anderson, came to Rosary to give a presentation on the history of Latin Jazz. They also explained and demonstrated how to play four common Latin Jazz instruments. Mrs. Megan Kappe explained how the visit occured: "Last semester I was playing Latin Jazz on Pandora when a student asked, 'Um, Sra. Kappe, who is singing right now?' I said, 'A guy named Poncho Sánchez.' My student then says, 'He is my uncle!' My response: 'What?! Do you think he would come and give a presentation to our Spanish classes?!' She said, 'I'll ask!'" 

Thank you to Poncho and his band for giving an unforgettable experience to our students!