Becky Obinma has committed to Texas Christian University!

Becky Obinma is a valued member of the Rosary Academy community.  Her athletic skills, her spirited participation in school activities, and her wonderful performance in Red & Gold have all marked her as a true Royal.   She was named Sophomore Athlete of the Year, Junior Athlete of the Year, and Most Improved Sprinter.  She had the fastest time in the 100 yard dash in the Trinity League and in Orange County as a sophomore and qualified for the CIF Masters Meet.
In the 2016-17 basketball season she was named the CIF Division 2AA Basketball Player of the Year as well as one of the inaugural female John Wooden Award winners.  She was the starting center for the Southern Section Division 2AA, Southern Regional,  and CIF State Division 3 Champion basketball team.
Head Basketball Coach Rich Yoon stated, "Becky has been an amazing asset to the Rosary basketball program.  Not only is she a skilled athlete, she is also a wonderful young woman, who is a great example to our younger players.  I am so happy that she has made a well-considered decision to go to a prestigious college where she will have a tremendous college career."
It will be a genuine pleasure for Becky's Rosary community to follow her journey at the college level.
Brothers Addison and Randolph Clark founded TCU in 1873. 
It is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and is part of the Big XII Conference.
 A mainline protestant denomination with Presbyterian and Baptist roots,
the university values scholarship, reason and intellectual inquiry while simultaneously honoring the importance of every individual’s faith and religious identity.