Student Leaders experience leadership workshop at Rosary

Rosary and Servite student leaders were invited to attend a leadership skills workshop at Rosary on Friday, November 3, 2017. Led by the Association of Catholic Student Councils (TACSC), the day included valuable lessons in a fun, collaborative setting.

TACSC was formed at the request of the California Superintendent of Catholic Schools in 1982.  TACSC has expanded its curriculum and breadth to include ALL leaders, not just those selected to Student Council. TACSC continues to deliver a wide variety of leadership development programs for Catholic elementary and junior high schools, as well as high schools, throughout California and the United States.

The High School TACSC Leadership Day is taught by the TACSC Senior Staff Members. They teach how to develop strategic leadership skills through workshops and team-building activities. The Associate Program Director stated “High Schools that we partner with have all come back with positive feedback about how TACSC Programs leave a lasting impact on their students. The student leadership of your school will not only grow, but also have a noticeable impact in your school community.”  The workshops include public speaking, project planning, effective meetings, leading your peers, and life balance. There is also a component of the day that includes group dynamics and team building.