Student leadership training

Incoming ASB President Julia Lewis '19, and Molly Renze '18, are part of the student staff for the Association of Catholic Student Councils (TACSC) Summer Leadership Conference this week at LMU. TACSC is a nonprofit Catholic leadership organization, whose mission is to develop moral leaders who positively impact our world. This week's conference will help train middle school students to be more confident in their abilities to lead. The four curriculum pillars which are the foundation of TACSC's programs teach students to be:
a Real World Strategic Planner
an Effective Communicator
a Servant Leader
and a Lifelong Mentor. 
Molly commented, "Rosary gave me the energy and confidence in the classroom to be able to impact and teach kids about leadership here at TACSC! I will be teaching middle schoolers about how to be a successful leader at their schools! I’ve made so many new friends, learned so many skills, and brought my own bag of tricks from Rosary. I can’t wait to do this next year!"
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