Isabella Tejeda '20 has collected over 500 books for children in need.

Isabella Tejeda ’20 recently recognized an opportunity to serve others and make an impact.

Higher Ground Youth and Family Services is a growing ministry located in Anaheim that helps at-risk youth with programs including sports, after-school activities, mentoring, and family counseling. Isabella has volunteered with the organization for over a year. In spring, she discovered that many children at Higher Ground and 70% of the students attending the adjoining Lincoln Elementary School, were reading two grade levels below the state standards. Many of the students did not have ready access to books at home and parents were hesitant to allow students to check out books from the library for fear of fines if books were not returned on time. Isabella decided she wanted to make a difference. She solicited for new book donations from friends and Rosary faculty and staff. Isabella also applied for grants from Karma4Cara Foundation and First Book.

On Friday, August 31, Isabella delivered over 500 brand new books to Higher Ground. She made sure that at least 75% of the books were AR Reader books ranging from grade level 1.0 – 7.0.  She is also partnering with Lincoln Elementary to provide students access to taking the AR test after school at Higher Ground.

 We are so proud of Isabella – a Rosary Royal making a difference in her community!