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Royal Ambassadors

Meet our 2018-2019 Royal Ambassador Leads & Captains
We understand it's important to find the right high school for you as you strive to fulfill your aspirations in college and beyond. We are committed to recruiting young women eager to enhance their faith, achieve academic excellence, develop leadership skills, and form a sisterhood. 
Rosary Academy's Royal Ambassadors will meet all prospective families and students to answer questions and provide insight on the Rosary experience.  
 Name: Nicole G. 
 Ambassador Lead: oversees the ambassador program
 Grade: Senior
 Middle School: St. Justin Martyr 
 Activities: Associated Student Body, Peer Assistance Leadership, Campus Ministry, International Club   President, National Honors Society, Tutor at St. Juliana Falconieri School, Volunteer at Kaiser Permanente   and Children's Hospital 
 At a very young age of three years old, my sisters Camille '07 and Dianne '12, introduced me to all that   Rosary had to offer. Coming to Rosary has truly made a significant impact on my outlook on life and the   way I carry myself. My teachers and fellow peers inspire me every day to take advantage of the many opportunities Rosary provides and face challenges with confidence and faith. 
 Name: Melina A.
 Ambassador Lead: oversees ambassador program
 Grade: Junior
 Middle School: Bernardo Yorba Middle School
 Activities: Associated Student Body, Campus Ministry
 I decided to attend Rosary because of the sense of community and sisterhood that I felt as soon as I   walked on campus. I joined Rosary only knowing 2 other students, but by the end of the first day, I met   and established friendships with my fellow classmates. Rosary offers many opportunities and traditions   that continue to grow my friendships. 
 Name: Bryn B.  
 Ambassador Captain
 Grade: Junior
 Middle School: Venado Middle School
 Activities: Varsity volleyball, basketball, softball
 I chose to attend Rosary because my father attended Servite and loved his experience with the community.   Rosary is such a unique environment, and I cannot imagine myself being anywhere else. I know that I am a   different and better person today because of my experiences at Rosary. 
 Name: Bridget C.
 Ambassador Captain
 Grade: Junior
 Middle School: St. Juliana
 Activities: Varsity tennis, Yoga Club President, Environmental Club Officer, youth ministry leader
 I chose to attend Rosary Academy for three reasons: tradition, opportunities, and sisterhood. Firstly, my   sister and aunts attendedRosary and absolutely feel in love with the school, so I was honored when my turn   came to continue the Royal tradition. Secondly, after watching my sister grow into an amazing leader   throughout her time as a Royal, I was excited to follow in her footsteps and take advantage of the many   opportunities Rosary has to offer. Lastly, I chose Rosary because of the sisterhood. When I shadowed, I was welcomed with hugs and smiles that I will never forget. Therefor, I am proud to be a Royal and I would not be who I am today if I had not chosen Rosary Academy.  
 Name: Maya G.
 Ambassador Captain
 Grade: Senior
 Middle School: St. Angela Merici
 Activities: Varsity Dance Team, Peer Assistance Leadership, member in Crittenton Club
 In 7th grade, I set foot on Rosary's campus and knew it was the place for me. I have grown as a leader,   a Catholic, and a young woman with the help of the faculty and staff. I know that the skills and   friendships I have gained while my time at Rosary will help me tremendously in my future. 
 Name: Mia H.
 Ambassador Captain
 Grade: Junior
 Middle School: St. Pius V
 Activities: California Federation Scholarship, Campus Ministry, Track & Field, parish youth leadership
 Rosary Academy was the very first school I shadowed, and I immediately fell in love with the positive   atmosphere. I was welcomed into the charming family-like community that is Rosary. The kindness and   welcoming spirit never fades away, and I am ever so grateful. Now, in my junior year, I can genuinely   say that my experience at Rosary has transformed me into a young woman leader. Rosary has provided   me with several opportunities to share my voice and lead in my community. My school is a blessing upon many other blessings. 

 Name: Iris K. 
 Ambassador Captain
 Grade: Senior
 Middle School: Bernardo Yorba Middle School
 Activities: Associated Student Body, Let it Be Club President, National Honor Society, Campus Ministry
 I have been a part of the Royal Ambassador Program for 3 years. I am truly honored to be a part of this   program and showcase the Rosary experience. I am incredibly blessed to be here with wonderful teachers   and staff, along with friendships I have made that will last a lifetime. 
 Name: Sofia O. 
 Ambassador Captain
 Grade: Senior
 Middle School: Carden School of Whittier
 Activities: Associated Student Body, Meals on Wheels Club President, Varsity Dance Captain
 The primary reason why I chose Rosary was because of the sisterhood. I have three brothers and a big   family   with mostly males, so Rosary was the perfect source to find the sisters I have always wanted.   Throughout my   years at Rosary, my confidence has grown dramatically allowing me to try new things or   simply speak up   more in class. Rosary's all-girl environment continues to inspire me and other young   women to this day! 
In addition to our Royal Ambassador Leads and Captains, we have over 40 students selected through an application and interview process ready to host you for a shadow day, give you a campus tour, and answer your questions about the Rosary experience! They are excited to meet you this school year!