Tuition Information

The tuition rates and fees outlined below are for the 2020-21 school year.  Annual increases typically range from 2% to 5%.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there will be no increase to tuition.  The rates are as stated below .


Tuition Rates for 2020-21

$16,385     Catholic Rate - requires parish verification (click here to download form)

$17,315     Without Catholic parish verification 

$25,500     International Rate 


Registration Fee

This non-refundable fee reserves your student’s seat, and helps cover costs associated with planning for the coming school year (curriculum, class schedules, programs, events, activities, staffing & other enrollment contingent resources).


Domestic Students

$600 per year

International Students

$3,000 1st year

$2,000 per year thereafter


Class Fees
Rosary Academy charges a $600 Senior/Graduation Fee, which covers the senior luncheon, Senior Awards Night, Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, Grad Night, and graduation sundries, including cap, gown, program, diploma with cover, etc.  The school also charges $150 Freshman and Junior Class fees.  The Freshman Fee covers costs of Royal Welcome and other student/family welcome and introductory events. The Junior Fee covers costs associated with Rosary Day.


Technology Fee

This $675 fee covers 10-month rental of your student’s technology device, software, and on-campus Wi-Fi and tech support. 


In addition to Tuition, the Technology Fee and any applicable class fees are spread across the FACTS payment plan selected during the registration process.  Please see “Tuition Payment Plans” below.  The Registration Fee is paid in spring for the following school year.


Textbooks/Course Materials & Uniforms

Textbooks and related course materials are provided through our third-party online bookstore. Textbooks typically cost between $200 and $500 per student, rarely ranging over $700 for students with heavy advanced/AP class schedules.  School Uniforms are provided through our third-party vendor, Vicki Marsha Uniforms.  Costs vary by student depending on items selected.  Click here to visit Vicki Marsha's website.


Miscellaneous Fees

All families are required to have a FACTS payment account for tuition and fees. Families opting for extended payment plans (4, 10, or 11 payments) will be charged an annual FACTS processing fee of $46. Families choosing to pay tuition in full or 2 installments will be charged a lower $20 annual FACTS processing fee. FACTS adds a 2.85% fee to all credit card payments. Families applying for financial aid will be required to pay a $35 FACTS application fee.  Participation in optional co-curricular activities (such as athletics, dance, cheer, clubs, retreats, etc.) will require additional fees.  


Athletic Fees 

1st Sport: $900

2nd & 3rd Sports: $800

(Uniforms and out-of-town travel costs are additional.)


International Student Enrichment Program (ISEP) Fee

1st Year - $3000 / Optional thereafter based on specific student need

Covers the cost of language assistance and other services provided to international students to help ensure a rich and successful educational/formational experience.


Tuition Payment Plans 

Tuition payments plans are offered by Rosary Academy through FACTS. FACTS is an online tuition management company that processes family tuition and fee payments. Families will select their payment plan during registration.  Rosary offers the following payment plan options:  

  • Annual plan – due by July 5th
  • Semi-annual plan – due by July 5th and December 5th
  • Quarterly plan – due by the 5th or 20th, in July, September, December, and February
  • 10-month plan – due by the 5th or 20th, from July through April
  • 11-month plan – due by the 5th or 20th, from July through May 

Tuition Refund Policy

Rosary Academy plans and commits to tuition rates and fees, faculty and staff levels, and various other overhead costs, based on projected student enrollment. Accordingly, at time of registration, students' "seats" are reserved for the year, and subsequent withdrawals create a financial shortfall. Notwithstanding the above, Rosary has implemented the following tuition refund policy.


  • 100% tuition credit will be given for withdrawal before the start of school.
  • Prorated tuition credit will be given for withdrawal during the school year.  Credit will be calculated based on the number of complete months missed because of early withdrawal.  Any month in which a student attends classes will count as a month of school, and will not be credited.
  • As previously mentioned, the Registration Fee is non-refundable. Other fees will be reviewed on a case by case basis. 
  • Any remaining unpaid tuition and fees (after any withdrawal credits have been processed) become immediately due and payable upon withdrawal.
  • An overpaid financial balance will be promptly refunded upon withdrawal.