Alumnae spotlight » Emma Cofer '05

Emma Cofer '05

What advantage or value(s) did you gain by attending an all-girls school?
I loved going to an all-girls school! The community of women at Rosary is truly extraordinary, and it was helpful to be in an environment where our education and development was the singular focus of a talented and passionate group of teachers and administrators. Rosary helped me become more confident and well-rounded.
What is an important lesson you learned after high school?
A lesson that I re-learn constantly—and that I first recall trying out in college—is that opportunity needs to be sought out. Ask for things, and then prove yourself. And as my mom has always said to me, "the worst thing someone can say is 'no.'" I think young women are sometimes taught that they need to politely wait their turn. Don't.
What piece of advice or inspiration would you give to a Royal? 
My favorite part of high school and college was trying so many different extracurricular activities. It helped me learn about and cultivate my passions, pushed me out of my comfort zone, and ultimately, provided just as much "learning" to inform my career as my classes did. Sign up for things. Meet new people. Be a doer. Say "yes" a lot.
What do you do now?
I work at Google in NYC, on a team called Platforms & Ecosystems that cares for Android, Chrome, Chromebooks and Google Play. I'm on the brand team within the marketing organization, working as the lead strategist. I help my team understand the human beings who choose and use our products, and I help define what our brands stand for to add value to people's lives and connect with them personally. This informs the advertising we do and the ways we improve our products. Before Google, I worked in brand strategy consulting (also in NYC), first at Interbrand, then at Lippincott, where I was a brand strategy partner and the head of the global naming team.
What is something that you love about your job?
It's a blend of left- and right-brained thinking, which is a lot of fun. I'm grateful that my work over the past decade has always been stimulating... I never, ever get bored!