Alumnae spotlight » Jacqueline Sarkissian '07

Jacqueline Sarkissian '07

What do you do now?
I’m a news reporter/anchor for a FOX station in Austin, Texas. I got into the business with the help of a lot of mentors. I always loved the news and grew up watching it with my dad. During college at USC, I studied Communication and Journalism. One time I filled in for someone as an on air host for a FOX Sports West show called “Runnin’ with the PAC.” I loved it and some people, like my mom, told me I should really pursue something like that as a career. I didn’t agree at the time, but here I am years later... doing exactly what my mom said I should do and I LOVE it.
What is something that you love about your job? I love getting to tell people’s stories and meeting people within the community. I have made so many awesome connections just by talking to people... even if it has nothing to do with the story I was reporting on. You also never know what you will find or learn just by talking to people.
What advantage or value(s) did you gain by attending an all-girls school? 
If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change anything. I loved the fact that because Rosary was an all girl school, it allowed us to really focus on what’s important... excelling in academics, growing closer to God, and making friendships that would last a lifetime. I love that I was able to go to school everyday, not care about how I looked or get all dolled up. The friends I made loved me for who I am and not because of what I had. 
What is an important lesson you learned after high school?
An important lesson I learned is don’t sweat the small stuff. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and put so much unnecessary stress on myself because I had to get the perfect score or take the best classes. Make time to have some fun. Some of my greatest high school memories are being a part of the dance team, performing at sporting events and making great great friends. 
What piece of advice or inspiration would you give to a Royal?
Make time to have fun... get involved in something you wouldn’t normally do because you never know where that can lead you. It may open a door to something you never thought you loved or enjoyed. High school is the time to try new things because once you go to college... everything is much more competitive.
Who is someone or a quote from someone during your time at Rosary that you have always remembered and carried with you? To this day I’m very close with Miss. Pautsch and Mrs. Mazz. They have always been there for me... even before I went to Rosary and we still keep in contact. They’re great people with the biggest hearts and I will never forget all they’ve done for me.
Do you have a favorite quote?
“She believe she could, so she did.” By R.S. Grey