Distance Education

As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time together, you are aware Rosary Academy is shifting our instructional efforts to a distance learning format on Monday, March 23. Many thanks to our teachers for all their efforts in this unprecedented transition to distance education. We are committed to providing an educational experience that guarantees educational integrity. 


What is distance education? It is essential to understand that what many consider "traditional education" simply means the delivery of educational services by means that involve face-to-face interaction between student and instructor. Today's "traditional education" includes many digital tools. Fortunately, Rosary students are familiar with many of the tools used in both traditional and distance education models. The term "distance education" means a form of education in which courses are delivered via the Internet or other types of digital technologies with minimal, if any, face-to-face interaction between student and instructor. 


Teachers and administration will be reaching out to students with course-specific plans for instruction. Students and parents will also receive specific instructions on how to access the Zoom platform that Rosary will use to deliver distance education in conjunction with the digital tools already being used. Students must monitor their school email regularly to remain abreast of current information.


On an average week at Rosary, students would meet in-person for approximately 3-4 hours per class.  Students should anticipate an average workload of roughly 3-4 hours per week, per class. Students should expect a range of activities depending on each course expectations, including, but not limited to:

  • Attending virtual class meetings
  • Watching/listening/reading/participating/practicing course material
  • Connecting with peers in subject-specific discussion boards and documents
  • Homework
  • Projects
  • Reports


Please note, due to the time restrictions on AP courses, AP courses may assign additional work, projects, and practice tests as needed.


All students should check into their teacher's class in much the same way you would during the regular class sessions. Students will need to log into Zoom at the start of each period for attendance (instructions to follow this email). Students are not required to be online Saturday and Sunday; however, students will be expected to check OneNote, Moodle, and their Rosary email multiple times daily on weekdays.


In preparation for this transition, all students are required to have all their school materials, tablets, chargers, and any pertinent instructional material at home.  If a student needs to obtain any of the instructional materials mentioned above, please email Colleen Nanry at cnanry@rosaryacademy.org to set up a time to pick up missing material. 


In addition, the following tips are provided for the student distance educational experience:

  • A home "classroom space" where students can participate in classroom activities is highly encouraged.  Finding a space to minimize distractions and allow students to focus on class will aid significantly in learning.
  • Parents need to allow their daughter to work in the virtual classroom on their own. 
  • Dress code and online etiquette instructions will follow in a separate email.


As we embark on this new educational journey, we understand that there may be hurdles and obstacles, but we know that as partners in your daughter's education, we will overcome them. We recognize that this transition will create new considerations for our families to navigate, and you may have many questions—additional communications with academic instructions for students and details regarding technology support services to follow


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher or the administration.  Rosary will update you regularly via email and on this web page. We are here to support each other during this unprecedented time.


Should any questions arise related to any counseling needs during this time, please contact your daughter's counselor via email:


Trina Hartman (thartman@rosaryacademy.org)

Kristin Crowley (kcrowley@rosaryacademy.org)