Tech Information

  • If your stylus stops responding, meaning it no long shows the dot on the screen when you move your stylus around
    • The battery is most likely dead. Replace it with a standard AAAA battery available anywhere. 
    • The battery compartment is on the end where the clip is. Unscrew that end to access the battery. When inserting the battery, the + side goes in first. Screw the cap back on. It should now work.
  • If your stylus starts writing on the screen before the stylus touches the screen, we will have to swap out the stylus. This is caused by pressing too hard or dropping the stylus on its tip.
  • If your laptop is not allowing you do something that you can normally do, or in any other way is not behaving normally
    • Give it a reboot and see if that takes care of it.
  • If the laptop is frozen and will not allow you to reboot it:
    • Press and hold the power button for a full 10+ seconds, wait for 5 seconds, then press and release the power button to turn is back on. You should see a Toshiba or Dynabook logo after powering on. If it goes straight back to the screen you had issues with, you didn’t hold the power button down long enough to power it off.
  • If your battery does not seem to be charging:
      • Check where you plug the power cord into the laptop. When plugged in, there should be a small light that comes on when the laptop is receiving power.  
      • If there is no light, the power supply may be bad and will need to be swapped out.
If you have any issues beyond this, please email us at If required, we can make arrangements for you to meet us on campus to get you issues taken care of. We do not have regular on-campus hours, but will be available most mornings if required, so be sure to schedule with us. Generally speaking, we can’t assist with issues regarding your personal home network/printing.