Academic Policies

"The primary work of a Catholic institution is to teach the faith and help our students understand that the world in which they live may not be at its best. Therefore, they must learn the guiding principles of social justice and how to apply them to 'their' world and the larger world around them."    
(Reflections of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, 1998)

The goal at Rosary Academy is to provide a rigorous and comprehensive academic curriculum, within a Catholic framework, that will prepare our students with 21st century skills. We will do so by providing an intellectually challenging and relevant curriculum, one that will provide a more personalized, engaging learning environment that is connected to the school and the greater community. The hired teaching faculty are experts in their field and encouraged to improve their skills through continuous professional development in academic and technological areas.

Students in grades 9-12 participate in a seven period schedule that includes four classes per day. Schedules are customized to meet individual students' learning needs based on their academic strengths and interests. Students who are eligible may participate in the Honors/AP program and all may select from a multitude of elective offerings in the core academic areas as well as digital and multimedia design, the visual and performing arts, and athletic medicine.

  •   4 years of Religion
  •   4 years of English
  •   3 years of Social Studies
  •   3 years of Mathematics including Algebra I and Geometry
  •   2 years of World Language (same)
  •   1 year of Life Science
  •   1 year of Physical Science
  •   1 year of Physical Education
  •   1 year of Visual or Performing Arts
  •   1/2 year of Health
  •   3-1/2 years of Electives
  •   24 units are required to graduate (A unit is equivalent to 1 year.)

A+ (100-99%) / A (98-92%) / A- ( 91-90%)
An “A+” performance is superior in every dimension of academic achievement. Work in the areas of daily assignments, tests, quizzes, and long-range assignments is consistently superior. In addition, the student shows originality and imagination, reads critically, and shows ability to work independently. She is a responsible class member who makes valuable, consistent, and significant contributions to the class. “A” and “A-” performance is consistent and excellent in all the categories stated above, but not superior.

B+ (89-88%) / B (87-82%) / B- (81-80%)
This grade indicates very good written and oral work. The “B” student
expresses knowledge of the concepts and facts of the subject in consistently good daily work, quizzes, and tests. She is prompt and responsible and contributes to class discussions. She completes long-range and independent work when required.

C+ (79-78%) / C (77-72%) / C- (71-70%)
This grade indicates that the student has learned the essential concepts, facts, and skills presented in class, shows proficiency in understanding the subject matter, and does good work but requires considerable direction from the teacher. The student also demonstrates that she has some difficulty with one or more of the following: complex concepts, oral expression, written expression, long-range assignments, and/or consistency in daily work.

D+ (69-68%) / D (67-62%) / D- (61-60%)
This grade indicates that the student’s work is below average and often not acceptable. The student has difficulty comprehending and expressing basic concepts and facts of the subject in oral and in written work. Contributing factors may be poor attendance, inattention, and/or failure to complete make-up work. A “D” grade is unacceptable for college entrance.

F (59% and below)
This grade indicates that the student has not met the minimum requirements of the course. A student may earn an “F” grade if she is absent seven or more classes per semester. A failure in a required course must be remediated before the student can return to Rosary.

Rosary’s grading is on a 4.0 scale: A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0 However, Advanced Placement and Honors classes are given a weighted grade: A=5.0, B=4.0, C=3.0 Only grades of C or better in Honors or Advanced Placement courses will be given extra weight. All courses are included in the academic GPA except Study Period, Campus Ministry, PAL, and "Finding Your Voice Through Scripture". When a course is repeated in summer school, the "D" or "F" is shown on the transcript, but the summer school grade is used in calculation of the Rosary GPA.