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Believing that literature and writing have a profound effect on the human experience, the English Department uses a range of critical methods to introduce students to a variety of cultural traditions. Students will broaden and deepen their knowledge of the world, past and present.

In all English classes, students will:
  • respectfully communicate in written and verbal form
  • gather, organize, analyze, synthesize and evaluate information
  • effectively problem solve
The following classes are currently being offered:
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP English Literature
  • Creative Writing
  • English I College Prep (Genres of Literature), 
  • English II College Prep (World Literature), 
  • English III College Prep (American Literature) 
  • English IV College Prep (British Literature)
  • History and Literature of Rock Music
  • Honors English I and II
  • Journalism
  • Speech Communication
Please see the course catalog for complete descriptions, further requirements and scheduling.