Summer School 2020

At this time, due to social distancing regulations, all summer school courses are being planned as online Distance Education classes. If this changes to allow students to return to campus, students who are registered will be notified by email, and a notice will be posted to this page.
Summer School encompasses Freshman Prep, Advancement, and Remediation courses. Please click the names below to view and register for course options.
Based on the High School Placement Test results, students may be required or recommended to enroll in our outstanding Freshman Prep program during the summer prior to the start of school as indicated in your acceptance letter. The program encompasses Language Arts, Math, and Learning Strategies, and the courses will ensure that students are adequately prepared for academic success during their freshman year.

Remediation Summer School Courses

Students needing to repeat a course for credit must sign up for summer remediation. See course options here.

Advancement Summer School Courses

Advancement courses are a wonderful opportunity to take required classes during summer to allow for more flexibility in the regular school year schedule.