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Attendance Procedures


  • A parent/guardian MUST call the Attendance line the day of the absence:   
    714.879.6302 x268
  • Leave a message for the Dean of Students by 9 a.m. stating:
    • Your name / relationship to the student
    • The reason for the absence
    • Your phone number for a return call if necessary


If a parent/guardian called in, your daughter may go directly to class when she returns.  If a parent did not call in, the Attendance office will call until we can speak with a parent/guardian. As long as a parent calls the day of the absence to verify, no re-admit is necessary.



If a student is late to zero, she must check in to the Attendance office just like any other tardy to start the day.


If a student misses zero period completely and comes to school at the regular start time of 7:55, she MUST check into the Attendance office, and a parent must call in or send the student with a note to verify the class absence.


Any questions on the attendance policy please check HERE in the Parent/Student Handbook on page 10, or call Dean Nanry 714.879.6302 x118.