Please join us on Friday, September 4, 2020 for the Rosary Gala: Celebrating 55 Years of Rosary. This special event happens only every 5 years, so don’t miss your chance to celebrate the Royal Tradition! The evening will begin with a champagne reception at 6:00 p.m. at the beautiful Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda. Dinner and program will begin at 7:30 p.m. and will celebrate honorees who have had a tremendous impact on Rosary and our community:

Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
The LeVecke Family Foundation
Cathie Lentz Fryer ’76 – CTA Travel
opportunity ticket



Purchase your Opportunity Ticket today for your choice trip between London or Hawaii! Tickets are $25.00 and all proceeds will go to supporting tuition assistance for current and future Royals! Winner will be announced at the gala; does not need to be present to win. The prize is compliments of CTA Travel - Cathie Lentz Fryer '76 cst#2018799-40

Current Royals are being challenged to see opportunity tickets in a friendly class competition. The class that sells the most tickets will receive a catered lunch after the gala!

Thank you to our Sponsors and Underwriters
Gold Sponsor
C&L Refrigeration - Ron and Carole Cassell
Yvonne (Jimenez) '77 and Damien Jordan

Silver Sponsor

CTA Travel - Cathie Lentz Fryer '76
Hennessey & Hennessey LLC - Mark and Sharon La Bonte
Stephen and Dena Larson
Timothy and Diann LeVecke
Bronze Sponsor
Bill and Kate '75 Domino
John and Steffanie Early
Matt and Heather Huarte

Susan James
Red & Gold Sponsor
Dana and Jeanne Karcher
Ortiz Family Foundation
SA Recycling
Emerald Sponsor
Bob and Jen Brandon
Harold Hamud and Salma Bushala '74
Colby and Emily '04 Egkan
Scott and Grace Fishman
Dan and Becky Juliano
La Terra Construction Services - Goldstein Family '24
Family Sponsor
Eric and Carol Alderete
Matt and Amy Crowley
Robert and Noreen Curry
Daniela Finch-Sorensen '94
Flavio Montes and Gabriella Strauss
Eileen Perkins '81
Phil and Mary Stump

Decor, Centerpieces, Linens Underwriting
Anthony and Monica Esquivel
Donald and Susie Ralston
General Underwriting
Eric and Carol Alderete
Dr. Philip and Denise '86 Demman
Anthony and Monica Esquivel
Ellen Hurtado '80
Daniel and Monica '83 Michalak 
Ortiz Family Foundation
Gary and Kelli Overman
If you have any questions, please contact our event chairs or a committee member:
Cathie Lentz Fryer '76, P'04 --
Steffanie Early P'21 --