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The Rosary Dance Team has triumphantly evolved throughout the years establishing the Rosary Academy Dance Program as one of the top dance programs in the United States.

The Rosary Dance Team is nationally recognized because of its long-standing top ranking titles at regional level competitions as well as at UDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  These young women make a year-long commitment to proudly uphold the Rosary reputation, to promote school spirit, to spend countless hours training and practicing with their team, to enroll in outside dance technique classes to enhance their talents, to participate in service projects helping organizations within the local community, to balance their dance life with personal activities/responsibilities, and most importantly to value their academic excellence as a Rosary Academy student.

The size of the Rosary Dance Team varies each year based on the cohesiveness and the talent level of the dancers and on the coaches’ vision for the Dance Program for the upcoming school year.

The Rosary Dance Team performs at Servite High School football games, Rosary Pep Rallies, and various school events throughout the school year.  The team practices two to three times per week.  Those practices may include working on dances and cheers for a variety of school and athletic events, technique, strengthening and endurance, and finally choreography for the competition season.  The Dance Team competes at both the regional level and the national level beginning in early December and concluding in late March.

2023-2024 ROSARY DANCE