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The Kairos Retreat, held two times a year, is primarily for seniors; however, a few juniors attend the spring session in anticipation of leading their senior retreat in the fall. Kairos takes place over three and a half days and is open to anyone in the senior class. Students and adults lead small groups and give talks. The setting at the retreat center is beautiful and peaceful and often the small groups are able to meet outdoors. The Kairos Retreat is an opportunity given to students to get away and reflect upon their relationship with self, family, friends, and God. It is a special time set aside for students to pray, meditate, study, listen, and grow. The retreat includes personal time, small and large group time, small group discussion, music, personal and group prayer, a beautiful setting, and good food.  For more information about upcoming Kairos Retreats, please contact the Office of Campus Ministry.

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” – Victor Hugo

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