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Parking Registration


Driving and Parking Regulations

Parking at Rosary is a privilege. It may be revoked at any time for breach of discipline or safety guidelines. Our primary consideration is the safety of our students, faculty, and neighbors, as well as St. Juliana School and Acacia School students and faculty. Always use extreme caution when driving on or near the Rosary campus.

Seniors and Juniors are permitted to drive to school for the entire school year. 

The annual parking registration fee is $25.
Students are strongly urged to carpool whenever possible as the number of available spaces is limited.

Sophomores will be permitted to drive at the start of the second semester. Sophomores will need to purchase their parking decals at the start of the second semester.

When applying for parking registration, students and parents must read and agree to the Rosary parking regulations:

  1. All students who drive to school, regardless of where they park, must register their car and purchase a parking decal, which must be clearly displayed inside the lower left front windshield before driving to school. The number must be easily visible.
  2. Students must park in the designated spaces in the Rosary/St. Juliana parking lot until all spaces are full. After that, all students must park on the north side of Fullerton Creek Road only. Students should arrive in ample time to find parking and be on time for class.
  3. No student parking is allowed at any time on residential streets within a one-mile radius of Rosary Academy, on Melody Lane, or on the park side of Fullerton Creek Road. Waivers of this policy from residents of the above-mentioned areas are not accepted to supersede Rosary’s policy.
  4. No student may park in the faculty parking lot on Acacia or in spaces marked with a specific faculty/staff, handicapped, or other special designation in the rear lot. Furthermore, students may not create a parking space or park in more than one space.
  5. Anytime a student forgets to display her parking permit, she needs to report her license number to the office before school begins that day; failure to do so will result in detention.
  6. If the parking decal is lost or stolen, the student must purchase a replacement for $20.
  7. Cars should be locked at all times to safeguard belongings.
  8. In enrolling one’s daughter at Rosary and allowing her to drive a car to school, a parent gives school authorities the right to search the car at any time.
  9. Students are not allowed to back into parking spaces at any time.
  10. Detention, loss of parking privilege, and/or towing of one’s vehicle are the possible penalties for violating any of these regulations. Any student operating or parking a vehicle on or near campus in violation of the California Vehicle Code may also be subject to school detention.
  11. Street parking is not permitted on Tuesdays as there is city street sweeping. Students who choose to park on the street on Tuesdays are at risk of receiving a ticket/citation from the city. Rosary is not responsible for these tickets/citations.


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I agree that in the event my daughter is injured as a result of her release from school, including transportation to and from home, or illness, recourse for the payment of any resulting hospital, dental, medical or related costs will be obtained from my personal accident insurance, medical insurance or any other available insurance benefit plan. I agree to release, indemnify, defend and hold Rosary Academy, the Diocese of Orange, and each of their respective employees, from any and all liability arising from participation in this activity, including but not limited to any lawsuits, claims, or causes of action brought by you or any third party alleging any injuries or damages of any kind, whether relating to personal injury, damage to property, remedies in equity, attorneys’ fees or court costs.
I have read and agree to abide by this contract and will follow the Rosary Academy Driving and Parking Regulations.
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