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G.I.R.L. Mentor Program

Juniors are invited to be a part of Rosary’s mentor program, G.I.R.L. - Guiding and Inspiring Royal Leaders. This program gives students the opportunity to be paired with a Rosary alumna who shares similar interests and/or a career path. The goal of G.I.R.L. is for juniors to create a professional network with their mentor, receive insight on college and career paths, and continue the Royal sisterhood with alumnae. 

Vanessa Farooq '20, met her alumna mentor, Ariel Oxman '07 during the September G.I.R.L. match-up. Ariel serves as an Oversight Fellow for a prominent U.S. Senator. Following is Vanessa's report of the opportunities the G.I.R.L. program opened for her in the summer 2019:

I'm emailing to update you on my Georgetown experience and my meet up with my mentor, Ariel Oxman, in DC!

Back in December I had my first in-person meeting with Ariel. It was so incredibly enlightening, as she introduced me to a whole new world of congressional law and job opportunities I had previously been unaware of. She then went on to tell me about all the schools in DC that would match my interests in Political Science and International Relations, specifically highlighting Georgetown. After my meeting with her, I went home inspired and applied for Georgetown University's International Relations Summer Program. To my absolute surprise, I was accepted to the program in January! I know that without Ariel and her belief in me, I never would have considered applying to Georgetown Summer Programs.

Ariel and I met up for dinner in DC after my program ended to discuss future goals. The International Relations program was wonderful! I attended the program last week and stayed on campus as a residential student. Lecturers included top experts in the field, including US ambassadors, an ex-CIA official, and renowned Georgetown professors. Through the program, I was able to visit the Russian Embassy and meet with a Russian diplomat to discuss the state of US-Russian affairs. Our program also visited the Capitol Building and Senate offices, where we were introduced to more government workers with amazing advice to share. Overall, I am so grateful to have had this experience.

Vanesa Farooq '20