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PAL Peer Assistance Leadership Program is a school-based, peer-to-peer youth development program for students in grades 11 & 12 built upon a philosophy of students helping students. The mission of our PAL program is to ​develop youth leaders who connect with their peers to create a caring, safe, and supportive school environment for all. 

PAL peer leaders help build a positive school climate through youth leadership, mentoring, conflict resolution, cross-age teaching, peer helping, service learning, and prevention activities. The PAL program supports skill development in the areas of leadership, communication, team building, and problem solving. The program can be implemented as a club, class, or incorporated into an existing leadership program, where students receive training in the PAL curriculum and plan campus outreach activities.

An effective PAL program can help schools implement many of the researched-based activities that enhance youth engagement and connectedness to school and community, two of the most important protective factors for all types of high-risk behaviors.

PAL is a registered trademark of Workers Assistance Program, Inc., and is used under license.

Below is the list of current 2021-22 PAL students

Jada Alexis 11 

Lauren Aquino 12

Adriana Arroyo 11

Holly Barragan 12

Brynn Beauchamp 11

Reagan Beuerlein 11

Caela Cabal 11

Gabriella Cardenas 12

Cayla Castaneda 12

Joanna Ciudad 11

Kendall Clarida 11

Isabella Cruz 12

Kate Curry 12

Isabella Dascanio 12

Tahlia Davies 12

Trinity Delacruz 12

Samara DeLeon 11

Lillian Demman 12

Alicia Dofelmier 12

Emma Fredman 11

Kimberly Gallo 12

Vaishali Gupta 11

Sophia Harvey 11

Julia Herman 12

Natalie Kim 12

Brooke Kizziar 12

Savannah Kondo 12

Sophia Kondo 12

Erika Kuehl 12

Amber Lizardi 11

Athena Mandi 11

Kat Martins 12

Brooke Medina 12

Elena Navarro 12

Julianna Ortiz 11

Hannah Palos 12

Maya Perez 11

Kim Pham 12

Sienna Rose Regalado 11

Alinna Rivera 12

Sydney Rosario 11

Cadiz Salazar 11

Eloise Sherard 12

Emma Vasquez 11

Kimiko Watanabe 11