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At Rosary Academy, we cherish our Royal Traditions as an integral part of what makes Rosary unique. 

Many of these traditions have been celebrated for decades and connect current students to Rosary’s rich history while also promoting school spirit. Our diverse traditions revolve around faith, friendship, family, and of course, fun! From receiving class rings on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary to putting on Red & Gold, a student-run musical theatre production with singing, dancing, costume-making, prop-building, and everything in between.

Royal Traditions truly set Rosary apart.



Royal Welcome marks the beginning of a Royal's high school experience. The purpose of the event is to launch Rosary Academy's lifelong sisterhood, build leadership skills, and create school spirit.  


Held on the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary, we celebrate the school’s heritage, tradition, and sense of community. The celebration includes liturgy, the awarding of memorial scholarships, and honoring the Junior class with the reception of the school ring. 

Rosary Day 2022


The Father-Daughter Dance brings Royals and their dads or father figures together for an evening of fun with the Rosary community. The occasion includes dinner, raffles, and a father-daughter duo dance contest!



Since 1971, Red & Gold has been one of Rosary's most cherished traditions! This school-wide endeavor is a completely student-run, project-based, learning experience. 


Mothers and mother-figures are invited to our annual Mother-Daughter Reflection & May Crowning.


Upper Classwomen & Lower Classwomen are paired based on interests to be able to bond and support one another. 

Red & Gold Video