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Red & Gold

Since 1971, Red & Gold has been one of Rosary's most cherished traditions. This school-wide endeavor presents a unique challenge to students who create, develop, direct, and perform in a musical theatre production based on an assigned theme. Preparation time is allotted during the school day for six weeks during the third quarter. This process provides an opportunity for students to exhibit creativity and collaboration, employ critical and analytical thinking, and exercise initiative and personal accountability.

The entire student body is divided into two teams, representing either Red or Gold, and captains are chosen to take leadership roles in the following categories: choral, dance, drill, drama, fashion, media, historian, props, publicity, script, stage tech, and athletic trainers. 

To be considered for a position of Red & Gold captain, a student must: be in good academic and disciplinary standing, demonstrate an aptitude in one of the categories, and display leadership potential, personal motivation, an attitude of teamwork, and organizational skills.  After an application process, captains are selected by a student leadership committee.

As a friendly competition, the Red & Gold process unifies the school community and profoundly deepens school spirit, loyalty, and pride.