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MORP 2023

 All students from Rosary and Servite are invited to the Disco Fever MORP Dance on Saturday, April 29, from 7:00 -   10:00 pm at Servite High School. You must arrive by 8:00 pm and stay until 9:30 pm. No Glow items will be allowed.

 The cost is $20 per student which will be paid at the door. This dance is open to all Rosary and Servite students   and guests are allowed. Rosary and Servite students may only bring one guest each and guests must have a   guest pass signed by their school. The guest pass is below or can be found in the activities office.

 You will receive the dress code soon from Mrs. Burboa.  

 Questions about the dance? Please come see Ms. La Bonte or Mrs. Huerta in Room 8.