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2022 Chair Positions

Co-Chairs: Gigi Oskorus and Tracy Meneses 

  • Kitchen/Food Prep Lead: Diego Velasco
  • Buffet Coordinator: Deanna Walker & Ramon Perez
  • Dessert: Olivia Rosales
  • Bar Lead: Sergio Borbon & Johnny Meneses
  • Athletic Liaison: Julie Gonzalez 
  • Decorations: Lauren Hansen
  • Acquisitions Committee: LouAnn Grey, Victoria Bedord, and Bernadette Stroud
  • Basket Wrapping: Gaby Vasquez
  • Silent Auction Liaison: OPEN
  • VIP Table Concierge:  Regina LeVecke, Daniela Sorensen, and Rocio Reyes
  • Student Volunteer Coordinator: Jeanne Baumann & Cathy Risling
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Maggie McNamara & Mallory Bowen

Parent Council: Debbie Watson & LouAnn Grey

Committee Meetings

Date Location
Tuesday, August 9, 6pm Rosary Assembly Hall
Tuesday, August 30, 6pm Rosary Assembly Hall
Tuesday, September 13, 6pm Rosary Assembly Hall