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2023 Sponsors

Jack and Marquita '75 Gyben

Hennessy & Hennessy LLC
Stephen and Dena Larson
Larson LLP 

Grand Reserve 
Ron & Carole Cassell/C&L Refrigeration 
Nick and Cristina Coo
CTA Travel
Robert and Barbara Wald 
Cortes Family 

Becky and Fernando Arias
Dave and Betsy Bigley
Curry Family
Grace & Scott Fishman
La Terra Building Solutions
Lucas Medical Inc.
Jon and Shannon O'Connell Hawkins '88
ATEI Company, Inc.
Ruth Bigelow-Lester '84, Brenda Bench-Ruffier '84, and Julie Naperala-Scheibe '84
Searle Mediation
Phillip and Mary Stump
Shawna L. Pautsch
The Holman Family 
Robert and Lisa Marujo
LeVecke Family 

Pinot Noir 
Denise and John Barganski
RD and Kathleen Birgen McDonnell '77
Rick and Gale Price 
Michael and Robyn Hawkins 
Tom, Linda, Lauren Meyer
Susan James
Praetorian Advisors
George and Leslie Engelage
Louisa Pesci

White Glove Property Management 
Mr.& Mrs. Kevin Clarke
Kate Domino
Julie and Ed Sigenfuse
Pete and Angie Bowen 
Cetera Advisor Networks 
Marc and Terrie Labreche
The Early and Wesseln Families
La Terra Building Solutions 
Joseph Henry, DDS
Invicta Consulting, Inc

Donors and Underwriters
Susan James
William O'Connell
Lena Glasgow 
Patz Family Trust 
Brenda Ruffier 
Erin Barisano
Nick and Cristina Coo
Paul and Cynthia Goldstein
Peter and Judy Searle
Vincent and Michele Cortes
Kay and Larry Lee
Tim and Sally Cannon
DeLong Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Arnell
Cannon Building Services 
Phillip Demman 
Pau Maui Vodka 
Alkaline 88
BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, Brea

Thank you to our families and community members who donated an item for our auction!